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Fico Gutierrez has completed the Medellin Half-marathon in Medellin. How was it?

Fico Gutierrez, a candidate, got up early Sunday to run Corre mi Tierra Half Marathon 21km, in Medellin. Fico ran with his wife, Margarita Gomez and fifteen thousand other athletes who were lining the streets of the Antioquian capital.

From the streets of Medellin, Fico, who has an acknowledged sports lifestyle He rides bikes and runs marathons --, said that as the president of the Colombians he will promote popular sports schools throughout the region, seedbeds at an early age and the development of sports infrastructure.

Fico Gutierrez Fico Gutierrez He stated that his government program supports those who do well academically in order to promote any kind of sport.

Fico received thousands of supportive words and smiles as he walked through Antioquia in the midst of runners. Fico Gutierrez A lot of participants were able to approach him to express their support for his presidential candidacy.

Recently the Team for Colombia candidate has been on a tour of the country. In Boyaca this Saturday, Petro, the candidate of the Team for Colombia, was visiting a religious section according to tradition.érrez Tunja was where the mayor of the past, now candidate for center-right, arrived. He met with academics, businessmen, farmers, peasants, and many more. The main Fico's meeting took place at the Tunja Convention Center. There Fico met with a large group of citizens who supported his candidacy on May 29, 2009.

Fico Gutierrez, and the possibility of being considered "Uribe’s candidate"

Federico Fico Gutierrez has been the most solid president-elect of the Colombian in the last few days, starting on Sunday night. While it's not the first time his name is on an electoral document - in fact, he was a councilor and mayor of Medellin the city he was elected to represent - but his first time in a national election, where he achieved more than two million votes inside the Team for Colombia coalition, they have him listed as a desired candidate of the conservative groups or those who are frightened when they think of a leftist presidency. Fico (47-year old Fico) is the main opposition to Gustavo Petro. The Historic Pact movement, as well as Gustavo Petro, was one the winners of the election last night which determined who will represent the three main political parties.

The presidential campaign is just beginning and the future of the former mayor of Medellin will hinge on the alliances he builds and the talks he gets into. He will have to not only unite the entire right, but also win over a small portion of the center electorate which has been shattered on Sunday. He would have to avoid his record of far, being in the same photo with Alvaro Uribe. For the first time in the past 20 years, open support for uribism may instead of subtract. "Federico Gutierrez faces a dilemma. He is required to create an alliance with Uribe's Democratic Center (CD), but he also has convince Uribe's central.

Fico's first conquest was made this week as it began to form an alliance with CD which is in which uribism is a prime target. Fico Gutierrez Oscar Ivan Zuluaga (the former presidential candidate) stepped aside and acknowledged the fact that he has no chance of competing with him. He expressed his support. Now we will have to see if the entire Uribismo group who is without a representation, does the same. Especially in the event that Uribe declares his support publicly and tries to convince voters of the traditional issues of the Colombian right, something that should not be a problem for Uribe. He already proved that he can increase votes by his remarks on "security"," "order", and "love for the country of his fathers". Like he did during his time in Antioquia's mayor's office He confirmed it in the electoral consultation. While on a recent trip to Arauca which has been particularly hard hit by violence, he stated that the bandits are either in jail or in graves. Fico knows well what the Colombian right likes however it won't suffice for Fico.

Basset says, "We aren’t in 2018 when the fear of left did well." According to the analyst it is evident that the profile of Alvaro Uribe is not one of the leaders that the nation had in 2002 in the year he was elected president for the first time, and that his own party known as the CD has been through a bad moment, could make Fico be unable to receive at the very least, Uribe's support. This does not mean that Uribismo's votes, even if they fall below the table are not important to Gutierrez. In the case this Sunday, or when he tried to gain access to Medellin's mayor's post, Uribe supported Gutierrez even though he was the candidate for the party. Uribism is also responsible for this win in the coalition. Basset warns now that his capability in negotiations will be measured. Andres Mesjia Vergnaud analyst commenting on Fico's ties with former president Uribe: "The great difficulty of Federico Gutierrez’s desire for the votes of Uribismo without the image of Uribe as it does not suit him to become his presidential candidate."

Gustavo Petro is left-leaning, however, Gustavo Petro is right-leaning. However, Fico - if he can reach a compromise to convince Gustavo Petro to support him. Rodolfo Sanchez, who ran on his own, is still in the race. Former mayor of Bucaramanga builter and millionaire, who been able to present himself well in the polls thanks to his anti-corruption speech with a humorous tone is one of the candidates Gutierrez should add to his list of accomplishments should he decide to put up the fight to petrismo.

Gutierrez is likely to have lots to negotiate before he thinks about potential formulas for the presidency. However what Gutierrez has is the trust and cooperation of the other candidates for the Team for Colombia presidency. It's not too much. Two ex-mayors Enrique Penalosa(Bogota) and Alex Char (Barranquilla), are with him. David Barguil, the chief of the party and the founder of the Conservative party, is in the same room with Aydee Zarazo, Aydee Lizarazo from a Christian Party who usually is a spokesman for his church's rules.

Alongside the stronger Conservative Party (which won the most votes of right-wing groups for Congress and more than two million votes) Additionally, it has the sympathy and support of U Party, which had an outstanding vote at the legislature, winning just under one million votes. The backing of Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, who did not let many hours go by after the elections on Sunday in order to accept his defeat in the event of a potential confrontation with the votes of the right will give Fico an opportunity to gain momentum in a sector of conservatism and swayed him a little more from votes that could be cast from the middle. Alvaro Uribe (ex-President) summoned his party to a gathering on Monday, to see whether Fico might risk his chances of being a center-right candidate as a result of being publicly felicitated by Uribe.

Fico Gutierrez with his phrases to Petro - friend of FARC and chavista. He also expropriated the FARC.

"Fico" Gutierrez was the winner on Sunday, in the consultation of the 'Team for Colombia' with a vote total of 2 '160.329. 54.11 percent of the votes were placed in the internal electoral process.

Gutierrez attended the first debate between presidential candidates following the elections for legislative. He was judged by Gustavo Petro, who won the Historic Pact consultation, and Ingrid Betancourt, an independent candidate. These were his concerns.

'We more centralism': Federico Gutierrez during his time at

The importance of Sunday's election results

The first subject of the great debate was to analyze the election result on Sunday. "It seems to me like there's just one foot on the other side in round two, which is an actual fact in politics. Fico replied, saying that his objective was to prevail together in the first round. This is due to the fact that much of the nation is in danger.

After the issue was discussed was raised, the prospect of winning the first round was discussed and the presidential candidate from Team for Colombia pointed out: "The numbers speak for the numbers. Our coalition was the youngest in three months. We are now seconds away. With only one million votes remaining from the Historic Pact it is quite obvious who we are and who will be capable of going to the second stage to face these populist and authoritarian projects like Petro.

Petrol questions that are challenging

Federico Gutierrez questioned Gustavo Petro's decision to include Piedad Cordoba in his list in the course of the debate. "How can you say that you don’t accept any person who is corrupt in the list if Piedad Cordoba has negotiated with so many kidnapped people and joined the Chavez government, which is an affront to Colombia?" Fico offered his support to Ingrid Betancourt and said that Cordoba was accused of "trading kidnapping children".

Gutierrez later launched a scathing attack on Petro and called him an "friend of the FARC":

"Those who attack people as well as those who kidnapped, stole money and killed are the masters and owners of the war. In my lifetime, I've carried out a task, which is unlike you, I have moral authority to discuss peace and I will abide by the agreements, and ensure that the FARC as well as your allies and friends respect the peace agreement because they have not fulfilled the peace agreement."

Zuluaga arrives on the Gutierrez campaign

Gutierrez's next issue was Oscar Ivan Zuluaga joining his campaign. Gutierrez said that Zuluaga called him to congratulate him and to continue his candidacy. I told him to I thank you for your personal position and that I would talk to him. However, I will be able to meet with a number of other sectors who want to be part of our campaign." Gutierrez made clear that he wasn't Uribe's nominee, but would be willing to support.

He stated that those who advocate for freedoms and democracy have to unite. Fico Gutierrez I'll meet with teachers. In the cooperative sector they are going show the country an agenda for the nation and demonstrate how we can contribute to it.

Gutierrez, in the middle of that topic, reproached Ingrid Betancourt "who is saying that there is only one good choice and that everyone is bad or corrupt."

"You don't need to tell me that I have bad intentions because I'm not involved in a single corruption scandal and I've followed a good policy," she reproached the candidate and added: was there really no one good candidate in Central America? If I am elected president (which I intend to), I will unify. Although I'm not sure if they're from the left or right I will rule in the best way possible. Ingrid claimed that he was being supported by "machineries like Los Char" and Dilian Francisca Toro. He responded. He said, "I am an individual of character. Fico Gutierrez He said that although he may form alliances however, he is a person of character who will not let corruption or violence be a part of them.

"Petro is playing dumb"

Federico Gutierrez made a new argument about Gustavo Petro. He stated that he was joined by Armando Benedetto, an ex-senator, who is involved in the process of ending dominion. He claimed that the Candidate for the Historic Pact "always plays dumb" when he didn't get any reaction.

What kind of health plan does a health professional suggest?

The former Medellin mayor presented his vision of the country's health system "Ideology must not be the rule. There must be respect and dignity for our health services. The waiting will be stopped We will do prevention and promotion of health. and articulation with the IPS, EPS, implement Siga model, where triage is done and the decision is made the best way to treat you in accordance with your condition.

He added that it is important to offer more favorable conditions for health professionals and "that they have guarantees of linking" and clarified that he will not end EPS however, he plans to enhance the system to offer medical care. But, he also stated that "EPS that is not working is liquidated."

Relations with the United States

In response to the question: Will you reconsider your relations with the United States? Gutierrez stated, "I intend to maintain an open and bipartisan relationship with America." However, some issues must be reconsidered. We are going to strengthen a system where there is production in the country, to ensure that the relationship is not just one of commercial, but also political"

UU is the problem with U.S. today. It brings us to the realization that the world has changed and that they now have an economy that is able to provide greater food options for consumers however they can export high-quality goods to other countries.

Gutierrez used this opportunity to offer a second bid for Petro. "The blockades which you Petro ordered closing the roads had an impact on prices for food items. The people are wondering why the chicken and egg cost so much, since you shut down the road," he said.

Gutierrez reiterated that Petro "is going to expropriate" and emphasized that, under his administration, cheap loans will be provided to peasants, the irrigation districts will be strengthened, and the rights of landownership will be protected.

Questions from the candidates to the candidates

Federico Gutierrez was then able to explain his position to the Uribe's and Duque governments: "I am absolutely clear that from August 7th, everything which works, independent the government, will remain, and what doesn't work, will I improve it."

He added that "the concept of security is important however, it is not integral. I would mix it with the social. If military forces are required to reach a region in which there is conflict every helicopter will be accompanied by the support of social investments.

Gutierrez made a critique of Petro and said Petro's present assistance via Families in Action is alms. "To the extent the state accompanies the family, it has to ensure that the family has the minimum amount of energy and water but not to tell him to give his market for life and leave him in poverty. This is the Chavez model and take a look at Venezuela."

Pension debate

Gutierrez proposed, to address the pension issue, "to take the state's capabilities to the territorial entities to strengthen that money in fixed assets such as roads and schools. Gutierrez also said that there were 20 million pesos worth worth of mafia assets which can be managed by the state.

He stated that he will introduce a law to permit the appointment of more domain-extinction judges as well as prosecutor, so that the funds can be used to fund education, health, and pensions for three million people with pensions. To top it off, he said that "the resources are available but you must know the location of them."

Are you available to meet Pope Francis while on the campaign trail

The debate focused on the visit of candidates Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Gutierrez to Pope Francis. Fico Gutierrez argued that the reason that people are planning to visit Pope Francis is that they do't know the pope. Although I am familiar with him, my appointment today is with the Colombians. Fico Gutierrez noted that while I know him personally, my meeting with him today will be with the Colombians.

Relations with Venezuela

The discussion concluded with the discussion of Venezuelan relations. Gutierrez noted that Maduro had been in contact with Colombia through the FARC, Eln, dissidents Piedad and Petro. Maduro, which is a dictatorship, cannot be recognized as government. Fico Gutierrez There is however a real world at the edge."

He stated that vehicular traffic must be allowed due to the trade issue that is currently being faced by criminal organizations. Maduro isn't recognized as an official government, however the business decisions have to be made on the border."

Gutierrez and Petro have a new debate regarding the issue, pointing out that Petro is too silent to defend "his allies" in particular, specifically Russia, Syria, Venezuela and Venezuela.

He also decried the idea of decoupling the Colombian economy from oil and coal, noting that it should be a progressive transition and not all at once. "That's the reason why renewable energy initiatives are being done in the form of solar and wind. We are taking steps towards the goal and are planning to double capacity.

Gutierrez delivered a message of goodbye: "Petro. I am the president of the Colombians."

Fico Gutierrez continues to conquer voters, advancing campaign in Boyaca and a an appearance at the Virgin of Chiquinquira

Federico Gutierrez, the presidential candidate, is adamant that he can win votes from the streets. And more, than 32 days before the first presidential round , in which he promises to play an important role and compete with Gustavo Petro, his main rival, to win the quota for the House of Narino in an likely second round.

Gutierrez began his journey early on Saturday morning for Boyaca. Boyaca was a religious area which Petro went to on Friday. The former mayor, currently running for center-right, made his way to Tunja where he met with academics and businessmen as well with agricultural farmers and peasants.

Fico attended his principal meeting at Tunja Convention Center. He was joined by a group of prominent citizens who pledged their support to the elections scheduled for May 29. shared ruana with hundreds of Colombians supporting his choice for the Team for Colombia. Federico also uploaded a Twitter video in which he praised the citizens of Tunja. said: "We are Going to win, we all are going to run for president to change and unite Colombia." As he recorded a variety of people who are in his support but he was not stopping.

"Happy at Boyaca!" He wrote "Happy in Boyaca!

During the trip, the second pointer in the polls, reached the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquira, a strategic place where dozens of faithful and followers from all over the country meet on weekends. In the midst of the attention of his followers, the leader of center-right, he knelt down and prayed to Mary.

"I requested the Virgin for wisdom. I asked her for my family, and for all families of Colombia for peace, and for the most humble," he said.

The presidential hopeful was also recorded on video at the location. Before entering the area and interacting with the locals, he was greeted by a large number who embraced the president. donned the representative outfit of the Colombian municipality.

Gutierrez arrived at the temple with the traditional Boyacan and Virgin of Chiquinquira ruanas that he carried on his chest. This was a symbol of his spirituality and has been displayed throughout his political campaign. Recall that three weeks ago the Antioquian traveled to Jericho, Antioquia, and attended the birthplace of Mother Laura, the only Colombian saint who was canonized recently by Pope Francis.

In used the occasion to meet the locals and announce some important announcements in the event of arriving at the presidential palace. "Key issues for Chiquinquira is the provision of drinking water for all its residents, maintenance and construction of roads (especially the Ruta de los Comuneros section) and Chiquinquira's Ubate section) and tourism as a way to create jobs and sustainably developed growth." Mining and employment were other major issues addressed by the paisa chief.

Fico Gutierrez talked about his work. He stated that Tunja is the second-highest ranked city that has the highest rate of unemployment in the country, so in his proposed government plan, he seeks to generate "about 2 000 jobs through the establishment of at least 300 new businesses for Boyaca".

The department should encourage sustainable mobility. He also shared his opinion that the Strategic Public Transport System's structure should be prioritised in pursuit of these goals. Together, they said that they would work together to construct roads and cycle paths.

In his most recent tweet Gutierrez also addressed farmers of the potato and field, saying "Peasants of Boyaca: we are determined to create more opportunities for you and rehabilitate the field." Gutierrez will continue to reach out to the Colombian population and will continue to share the plan of his government. He also is hoping to be prominent in the next election on May 29.

Fico Gutierrez: The risk of him becoming "Uribe's candidate."

Since the night of Sunday, Federico Fico Gutierrez was the most consistent presidential candidate for Colombia. It is not his first appearance in an electoral roll. The former mayor was a councilor and mayor in Medellin. His first attempt in national elections in which he got more than 2 million votes from the Team for Colombia coalition, was that he was deemed the preferred candidate of conservative groups. Fico (47-year old Fico) is the main opposition to Gustavo Petro. The Historic Pact movement, along with Gustavo Petro, was one the winners of the last night's elections that established who would represent the three major political forces.

The presidential campaign is only beginning. How former Mayor Medellin is able to counter petrismo and forge alliances and negotiate with other nations will determine his chances of success. He will not only need to unite all the right under his banner, but must also conquer some of the electorate in the center that appeared to be demoralized and lacking leadership. He must avoid his record of thus far, appearing in the same photograph with Alvaro Uribe. Today, acceptance of uribsm has now been publicly expressed. It is now possible to subtract instead of adding, which is the first time it has been done in the last 20 years. "Federico Gutierrez faces a dilemma. He has to form an alliance with the Democratic Center (CD) - Uribe's political party, but at the same time he will have to convince the center that it is required to decide where it's going," says Yann Basset, researcher and professor at the University of Rosario.

Fico is on its path to forming an alliance with the CD, the heart of uribism, and this Monday, Fico is already preparing for its first win. decided to retire, acknowledged his few options of competing with him and offered his support. Now , it will be interesting to see if the entire group that has been left without any representative, follows his lead. Uribe should be willing to his supporters and try to convince his supporters using the classic issues of Colombian right. This shouldn't be difficult. on "security" and "order", "opportunities", and "love the country" already proved that he is a good addition to voters. As did during his time in Antioquia's mayor's office and he confirmed this with the election consultation. He claimed, "The bandits were either in prison or grave," while he was traveling to Arauca, a region that is particularly prone to violence. Fico knows what the Colombian rights are but it's not enough.

Basset says that we are not in a time when the fear of a Left has worked as well. "This time, the electorate does not feel fear." According to Basset, it is evident that the profile of Alvaro Uribe is not one of the leaders that the nation had in 2002 the time Uribe was elected president the first time, and that his own party known as the CD which is currently going through a bad moment, could make Fico not receive, at least openly, Uribe's blessing. The votes of Uribismo are still crucial to Gutierrez. was a factor in the success [in the coalition]. warns that Basset's ability in negotiations will be measured. In relation to this alliance between former President Uribe and Fico, the expert Andres Mejia Vergnaud says "the great difficulty of Federico Gutierrez is that he wants the votes of Uribismo but not the image of Uribe because it does not fit him as a candidate".

Gustavo Petro (left) is the only leader. Gustavo Petro (right) is the only candidate looking to win the presidency unless Fico (if he negotiates - persuades Fico to let him go and offer him his support. Rodolfo who ran as an independent, is still in contention. Gutierrez must include the achievements of former Bucaramanga mayor Bucaramanga and millionaire builder Rodolfo Hernandez, if he will fight against petrismo.

Gutierrez has a lot to talk about before thinking about possible formulas for the presidency. However, what Gutierrez does have is the cooperation and support of the other candidates for the Team for Colombia presidency. isn't just a small number of. Two ex-mayors Enrique Penalosa(Bogota) and Alex Char (Barranquilla), are on his side. David Barguil, the leader and the founder of the Conservative party is in the same room with Aydee Zarazo, Aydee Lizarazo of a Christian Party, who often vote according to her church's guidelines.

The Conservative Party was strengthened, and won the biggest right-wing vote of over 2 million votes. It also has the support of the U Party. This party was able to win a rousing legislative vote, with more than 1 million votes. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga supported Fico and didn't take until after the results of Sunday's election to concede defeat ahead of a potential confrontation with the votes for the right. This gives Fico an extra boost in a segment of conservatism and keeps him farther away from the middle. According to Alvaro Uribe, former president, Fico will have to decide if he is willing to take a risk at the center in order to enjoy the chance to be blessed by Uribe.

The applause to Federico Gutierrez in a restaurant in Medellin

Federico Gutierrez was the candidate to be the Colombian president in the Team for Colombia coalition. He was given an ovation standing up from waiters, visitors, and diners in a popular restaurant in Antioquia capital.

This isn't the first time that the candidate has been greeted in this manner. Gutierrez, who recently posted on his social network the reaction of a group who reached out to him to show their the support of his campaign, said it was not unusual for them to do so. Federico Gutierrez for his part was thrilled about the response.

In the course of the day, Fico Gutierrez has also shared videos on his social networks to inform his followers on how a pivotal day for the country's political future is unfolding. have made more frequent visits to cities and towns across the country during the last weeks ahead of the May 29th 2022 presidential election.

Fico Gutierrez and Petro's statements: Petro is friend of FARC. Chavista. Expropriator

The meeting of the Team for Colombia' saw Fico Gutierrez take the lead with a vote total in over 2 ’160.329. votes, or 54.1 percent of the total of the votes that were deposited in the internal election process of this coalition.

Gutierrez was at the inaugural debate between presidential candidates after the legislative election. He was extremely measured with Gustavo Petro who won the Historic Pact consultation and Ingrid Betancourt an independent candidate. These were his questions.

'We more centralism': Federico Gutierrez during his time at

The importance of the Sunday's election results

The first subject of the debate was to discuss the Sunday's results of the election. "It seems to me that we're all in the second round and that's an actuality in politics. Fico said, "With humility, I asked us to work together and prevail in round one."

When the issue was discussed, the possibility of winning the first round was debated. Team for Colombia's presidential candidate claimed: "The numbers speak for them." Three years have passed since the creation of our coalition. We're only seconds away. With just one million votes left in the Historic Pact it is quite evident who we are and who is able to go to the second stage to take on these authoritarian and populist projects, like Petro.

Petro faces tough questions

Federico Gutierrez asked Gustavo Petro about Piedad Cordoba's inclusion on his lists. "How do you claim that you don't want to include any corrupt person in the list, if Piedad Cordoba is included in the first place, when he was associated in the Chavez regime which poses an imminent threat to Colombia?" Fico noted that Cordoba was "trading with kidnapping", and was in support of Ingrid Betancourt.

Gutierrez Then, he launched a brutal criticism of Petro and claimed that he was a "friend of the FARC":

"Those who attack the innocent as well as those who kidnapped, extorted money and murdered are the masters and owners of the war. I've employed a weapon in my life that was different from yours. I am a moral person with power and the right to discuss peace. I will make the FARC, your allies, and allies to comply since they haven't fulfilled their peace agreements.

Zuluaga is currently at the Gutierrez camp

Gutierrez was then discussing Oscar Ivan Zuluaga arriving to his campaign. I assured me that I am grateful for his personal endorsement. I would like to speak to him. He also said that he was not a supporter of Uribe but it was still his support.

He added that "Those of us who are fighting for democracy must be united." I will get together with teachers. Together with the cooperative sector, we will present a plan for the nation to the nation.

Gutierrez at the center of the discussion, criticized Ingrid Betancourt "who is saying that there is only one good one and that everyone is corrupt or bad." stated, "You don’t have have to convince us that I am not a good person with bad intentions." as well as, "Is there really any single good thing in Central America?" If I'm elected president (which I plan to) I will bring together. I don't know whether they're right-leaning or left-leaning but I'll rule with the best of intentions.

Ingrid later accused him of being "supported by machineries such as Los Char and Dilian Francisca Toro". responded, "I'm a man of character. He said that while he was willing to make numerous alliances with others, he had the strength of character to stop the spread of violence and corruption.

"Petro plays dumb"

Federico Gutierrez, launched a new point to Gustavo Petro by stating that the former senator Armando Benedetti, who is in an option to dismantle dominion. He claimed that the Candidate of the Historic Pact "always plays dumb" when he didn't get any response.

What are of health care candidates?

The idea for a national health system was proposed by the mayor who was previously in charge of Medellin: "Ideology must not take over. We need dignity and respect in health care services. We will end the waiting, we are going do prevention and promotion of health, in conjunction with the IPS, EPS, implement Siga model, where triage is carried out, and it is determined which treatment you receive depending on your illness.

He stated that it was necessary to improve the conditions for health professionals and to "ensure that they have linkage assurances" and clarified that he won't end EPS but would strengthen the system to deliver health care. He said, however, that any EPS that DOES not work will be eliminated.

Relations with America

To the question, will you consider rethinking your relationships with the United States? Gutierrez declared, "I intend to maintain a good and bipartisan relationship with America." Some issues must be rethought. We are planning to build an economic system that produces in the country. This will result in a stronger commercial and political relationship.

UU is the current issue in the U.S. We all have to acknowledge that the world has changed and the U.S. can now be capable of producing more food products, and can also bring high-quality products from other countries.

Gutierrez utilized the opportunity offered by Petro to launch a second bid "The blocks that Petro ordered to shut to traffic, caused an impact on the cost of food items. People often wonder why eggs and chicken are so costly. He stated that this was due to the fact that the roads were shut down. insisted that Petro "is planning to expropriate" and emphasized that, under his administration the government will provide loans at a low cost given to peasants, irrigation districts will be strengthened, and land ownership will be respected.

Questions from the candidates to the candidates

Federico Gutierrez answered the Duque and Uribe government by declaring: "I am sure that beginning on August 7 the system will operate independently of government. I will keep it going and, if not I will make improvements."

He also said that "the notion of security is important, but integral and I would like to mix it with the social. For every helicopter that is spotted in conflict zones there will be three with the aid of social investment.

Gutierrez posted a criticism of Petro who claimed that providing them with the aid they currently receive, via Families in Action, is alms: "To the extent that the state accompanies, it must ensure that the family receives the basic necessities of water, and energy, but not tell the family to provide him with the opportunity to trade for his life and then leave the family in poverty. This is the Chavez model. Look at Venezuela.

Pension debate

Gutierrez suggested that in order to improve the pension problem to improve pensions, the "state's capabilities should be transferred to territories to enhance the value of fixed assets such as schools and roads. In addition, there are 20 billion pesos of mafia assets, which don't have to be managed by the government," he said.

He also stated that he will create a law to allow additional domain extinction prosecutors. The money will be used to finance education, health, and the pension system for three million pensioners. He stated, "The resources are there. You just need to understand where they're."

How can I make appointments with Pope Francis while in the campaign? focused on visits by presidential candidates Gustavo Petro (and Rodolfo Gutierrez) to Pope Francis.érrez said that those who intend to meet Pope Francis are not doing it because they do not know him. Although I am familiar with his name, the appointment I am scheduled for today is with the Colombians. Fico Gutierrez said that even though I personally know him but my visit with him today is in the presence of Colombians.

Relations with Venezuela

The final topic of the discussion was the relationship between Venezuela and its neighbors. Gutierrez stated that Maduro's relationship to Colombia was through the FARC and the Eln dissidents, dissidents as well as Piedad, Petro. Maduro can't be considered as a government since it's a dictatorship. There is however a real world that is at the frontier."

He also stated that vehicle travel is necessary because of the issue that trade continues to take place, as criminal organizations keep an illegal business. Maduro is not recognised as a legitimate government. However, business decisions must be taken at the borders.

Gutierrez and Petro were involved in a new argument about the matter, noting that Petro is not able to speak out in defense of "his allies" which refers specifically to Russia, Syria, Venezuela and Venezuela.

He also decried the idea that Colombia could be separated from oil and coal. "That is the reason renewable energy projects such as wind and solar are being undertaken. We're moving in the right direction and are planning to double the production.

Gutierrez offered a farewell message: "Petro. I will be the president of the Colombians."




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